​Training service K9's for combat veterans requires an elite style and skill of training. We connect and train with like-minded veterans to become elite Warrior Teams which bond with a unique respect for one another that can only take place with our K-9 Warriors training method.


We are not a traditional non-profit orginazation. We train, place and certify Warrior Teams while providing transition assistance and resources to utilize their former and newly developed skills. K9 Warriors Inc currently partners with other charities and corporations that work and assist transitioning veterans and the military community.  We are a like-minded "Tribe of Brotherhood" proven in combat with the U.S Military. K9 Warriors Inc staff consists of; special operations combat veterans, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), and military families who live, love, but most of all "truly" understand the specialized training required to identify the perfect team.​  

Elite Service K9's

K9 Warriors Inc


K9 Warriors Inc mission is to provide elite K9's for U.S. Combat Veterans while facilitating their transition.